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Doglion, not fish!

Hello, I'm Doglion, an artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. What originally started as a music project has slowly evolved into multiple forms of art created using retro computers and hardware.

Let's party like its 1995!


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Game detail from May 16, 2017

Coming Soon - Botnik: Escape From Reality

A new arcade game with an original chiptune soundtrack.

Image: Game detail from May 16, 2017

2017 - Stay Gold Download

ASCII animation on a DEC VT-220 terminal.

Displayed during Group Hug @ PublicUs Las Vegas, NV - March 2017.

2015 - Out, Out, Princess, Princess Download

2 Improv Songs as real-time as one could possibly get. 1 loop pedal, 1 Keyboard, 1 drum machine. No midi

2013 - Whale Song Future Music Download

Recorded sitting in bed using GarageBand on an iPad with a guitar and various keyboards.

2012 - 1" Button - $1.00

2012 - Coozie - $10.00

Note: Doubles as a GameBoy Pocket case.

2010 - 80085 Download

Looped and recorded in real-time. Lots of hardware, so much midi.

2009 - Short Songs, Tall Man Download

Looped and recorded in semi real-time.

2004 - Luke's Song Download

Written and recorded one day before work.

2004 - Robotnik - And the castle of sound

Lost forever in the "Great Hard Drive Crash" of 2004.

2003 - Robotnik - And the sands of time

Before I was Doglion, I went by the name Robotnik. I'll look for this album on an old hard drive soon.

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